The Belfast Karate Club
Our professionally qualified instructors specialise in teaching Karate to all age groups and levels of ability.
Affiliated to the Shotokan Karate Association (SKA), England
About the Classes
Traditional Karate

The Belfast Karate Club is the first Shotokan Karate Association (SKA) club in Northern Ireland.

SKA was formed in 1985 to promote the teaching of traditional Shotokan Karate. The Chief Instructor is the esteemed Karate instructor and practitioner Sensei Greg Durant, 7th Dan.

Our classes are taught by professionally qualified Karate instructors who specialise in teaching Karate to all age groups and all levels of ability.

We are experienced in working with children, achieving high standards of attention and behaviour in the classes.

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The Belfast Karate Club

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Belfast Karate Club

Times & Locations

Weekly Class Times


South Belfast Methodist Church
(Between Windsor Park and Adelaide Park)
Lisburn Road

7.00 - 8.30 pm
Children (5+) and Adults

St. Gerard’s Parish Hall
Antrim Road

7.00 - 8.30 pm
Children (5+) and Adults

South Belfast Methodist Church
(Between Windsor Park and Adelaide Park)
Lisburn Road

10.00 - 11.30 am
Children (5+) and Adults

Belfast Karate Club
Welcome to the BKC Website
The Belfast Karate Club
(Please wear loose clothing)

What Karate Means

Karate is from two Japanese words, ‘Kara’ meaning empty and the word ‘Te’ meaning hand – combined to ‘Karate’, meaning ‘Empty Hand’. This is the basis for Karate, as the style does not use weapons. We use our arms and legs to defend ourselves.

As ‘Karateka’ (students of Karate) we must always remember to avoid unnecessary conflict, thereby respecting the principles of the founder of Shotokan Karate, Gichin Funakoshi.

Sensei Funakoshi brought this traditional martial art from Okinawa, Japan to the wider world. This is the origin of the style that we learn today.

How Do Children Benefit?

Shotokan karate is extremely good for children. Many parents and teachers remark on the improvements they see in a child’s behaviour through the practice of karate.

They find our traditional approach allows children to enjoy themselves in a structured and disciplined environment.

In addition, Shotokan karate promotes healthy physical development during the crucial growing years and karate is now accepted as part of the syllabus on GCSE and A level physical education courses.

What Karate Does for You

Karate builds your Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Belfast Karate Club Grading Dates for 2013

Club Grading dates are 23rd of March, 29th of June and 14th of December 2013.
(Starting at 10.00 a.m. with a KATA COURSE followed by GRADING at 11.00 a.m)

The Grading Dates are when the students have the opportunity to have their current skill and achievement level assessed with the possibility of being graded at a higher skill level - denoted by a change in the student's belt colour to one of a higher grade.


Internatioanal Karate Championships
Ireland Wadokai Karate-Do
Ardee, Co. Louth
Saturday 20th April 2013


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About Us

The Club

Sensei Menik Glynn, 4th Dan, is the club instructor of the Belfast Karate Club, affiliated to the SKA in England.

Menik also practiced Tang Soo Do (a Korean martial art), where she won a European Championship (2003) in Cambridge in Hyuns (forms) and 3rd place in Bo (weapons).

Menik was the gold medalist at the Irish International Karate Championship at Ardee, Dublin (2009) in Kata (forms) category and silver medalist (Kata) at the Seiko Kai Cup National Karate Championship, Sri Lanka (2009).

Menik also practiced Sejinkai Karate in the U.K. Menik's Karate training began in West Africa with the Ghana Karate Federation, under several champion instructors.

On returning to England she joined SKA, teaching since third kyu (1st brown belt). She has now achieved her 1st, 2nd and 3rd black belt with SKA.

Now Menik has moved to Northern Ireland and started her own club under SKA and continues to enjoy teaching, especially children.

Menik is also a qualified First Aider and Red Cross Volunteer.

Belfast Karate Club also benefits from the participation of Sensei Dave Dodson, 3rd Dan, a very experienced instructor and a previous student of the legendary Sensei Enoeda, one of the founders of Shotokan Karate in the U.K.

Receiving 3rd Dan

The Dojo Kun

Morals of the Dojo

I shall strive for the perfection of Character

To defend the path
of Truth

To foster the spirit
of Effort

To honour the principles of Etiquette

To guard against impetuous Courage
(self control)

Belfast Karate Club
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